About Us

About Us

It started as four friends sharing one love: Ashtanga Yoga. After years of spreading our great secret, the morning practice club and road-trip crew outgrew the practice space and a need for a home arose. With the help of a few friends and a warm community Vivian and Aeryk were able to open The Bandha Room in 2007, offering instruction and practice in a disciplined yet friendly and supportive environment in the tradition of Shri K Pattabhi Jois. They are Level II Teachers and offer the longest-running 6-day-a-week mysore program in the Pacific Northwest.



About Our Ashtanga Studio in Olympia

Located in the heart of downtown Olympia, The Bandha Room is on the top floor of the Labor Temple Building. The studio is beautiful, warm, and filled with inspiring Art and plants to support focus and healing.  As active participants in the City of Olympia Arts Walk events that happen in the Fall and Spring, the Bandha Room additionally plays host to artists, musicians, performers and yogis.

 A Transformative Practice

Evening and daytime classes are offered each week to supplement the primary focus of the studio, the morning Mysore program. It is here that students can take their time and learn one-on-one the system and tools of Ashtanga Yoga. In the Ashtanga  practice, skills and lessons are built upon each other with each physical posture (asana) leading intelligently to the next.  Breath combined with movement (vinyasa) links the asana creating heat in the body and gives the practice a dance-like quality. As each student will have their own set of skills, challenges and understanding of themselves coming to their mat, the practice helps to create greater awareness of what strengths are there and what can yet be cultivated. All students work to their potential on the same set of postures that are individualized in an amount and intensity to match their needs.  What doesn’t vary are the tools that allow for that change.