The traditional style practiced in Mysore, India. With individualized instruction and adjustments, students achieve a meditative flow at their own pace. Sharing the room with yogis of all levels allows students to give and receive inspiration and energy. Students of all skill levels and experience are welcome.

As a courtesy doors open at 6am. Students may begin their practice in their own time prior to 8am, but must complete it by the scheduled class end time.

Schedule:  Monday-Friday  6:00 am – 9:30 am


Led Primary Series

A flowing presentation of the Full Primary Series. Verbal and physical guidance are offered without interrupting the rhythm of the practice. Newer students often modify postures. Some experience is helpful but not required.

Schedule: Saturday  8 am-10 am



Ashtanga Basics

A guided version of the first half of the Primary Series focusing on the fundamentals. Ideal for beginners or experienced students seeking a more instructional class.

Schedule:    Wednesday 5:30 pm 



Yoga Therapy Lab 

IMG_0121This class is focused on the therapeutic aspects of yoga asana. Each week a different exploration is featured.  The work may seem subtle, but the effects are profound.  Ideal for students who cannot practice regular Ashtanga yoga or as a therapeutic supplement to an existing practice.

Schedule: Tuesday  5:30 pm 


Led Half-Primary Series

IMG_4187 (2)

This class features a flowing, guided experience of the foundations of the Ashtanga practice  featuring about half of the seated asana and includes all of the standing and closing postures.

Schedule:   Saturday  10 am